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What's this about?

This is a little tool for creative people. If you find your thinking stagnating and you end up going around and around in the same old cerebral circles, it will hopefully nudge you out of the rut.

Each time you click on the 'Inspire Me' button, you'll get a new tip and flickr image to inspire you to approach the problem in a different way. Sometimes the images are good. Sometimes they're crap. But all of the pieces of advice are solid gold!

A lot of the advice comes from the book 'A User Guide to the Creative Mind'. Just click on the book image to the left to find out more about it.

If the site gives you a particularly good result, please take a screengrab and share it using the the hashtag #inspiratron3000

Good luck!


Who's behind this?

This site has been badly hacked together and designed by Dave Birss, the author of 'A User Guide to the Creative Mind'.

Dave runs the inspiration company, Additive, speaks at conferences all over the world, writes books, runs a podcast and hires out his mind for creative ideas.

He believes that being creative isn't just about having an idea. It's about making ideas happen. And this site is an example of that. He didn't have a clue how to do any of this stuff before he started putting it together.

Dave occasionally prattles about nothing in particular on Twitter. You can follow him at @davebirss if you're short of things to do.